Jen Said What?!
  • (00:00:00) - Leonardo DiCaprio rescued a man from the ocean and Jen is here with the Titanic jokes.


  • (00:21:05) - Beth Moore stops by to have a very honest conversation about staying strong when you feel discouraged.


  • (00:43:04) - Jen makes the irrefutable case that the movie 1917 is basically a remake of Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle.
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  • (00:00:00) - Jen was doing a parenting advice video when her kid ran across the dinner table barefoot in the background.

  • (21:41:00) - A Psychology Today article says that men who watch adult videos are more respectful of women. Jen should not touch this topic but she does anyway.

  • (35:50:00) - Jen’s family read-aloud went much better when she switched from the classics to books about murder.

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  • (00:00:00) - People are saying that Jen’s new book cover looks like a part of the female anatomy. Jen also reflects on being “in awe” instead of being “grateful” as she complains about air travel.

  • (22:57:00) - Jen thought girls could do anything but learns from Michelle Williams’ speech at the Golden Globes that that is not true.

  • (41:15:00) - The reason Lizzo quit Twitter is why we can’t have nice things.


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  • (00:00:00) - Everything Jen was thankful for in her gratitude journal last year was taken away, so she’s done with gratitude now.

  • (10:09:00) - Jen loves being Catholic because Christmas is a season…which gives her more time to hate on the Christmastime in Africa song.

  • (21:29:00) - Jen’s 12-year-old daughter Lucy stops by the show to draw a “saint of the year” for callers and of course the random generator comes up with a bunch of saints whose names are hard to pronounce.

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