Jen Said What?!
  • (00:00:00) - Jen’s children were singing a wildly inappropriate song in the background of her Instagram. While playing this song she accidentally airs inappropriate lyrics.

  • (00:10:36) - Jen had to take a word out of her Word of the Year Generator because people were so bad about it. She also explains why carolers terrify her.

  • (00:32:40) - Mitali Perkins tells Jen how strange it was to move to the US from India during the holiday season, as they tried to figure out why the fat guy only brought presents to everyone else

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  • (00:00:00) - Jen reminds people that her Word of the Year and Saint’s Name generators do not actually control their destinies. Then Jessica Fanelli stops by to talk about how she pulled herself out of a rut by changing up her look.


  • (00:37:27) - It’s time for Jen to hate on the song “Christmastime in Africa,” per her annual tradition!


  • (01:02:28) - Taylor Nichols talks with Jen about how we can help our kids through hard times by being honest and authentic with them.
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  • (00:00:00) - Jen went to the SiriusXM holiday party and had the most wonderfully awkward moment ever.
  • (00:21:06)- Jen talks about the death of rapper Juice WRLD.
  • (00:34:12)- Sseko Designs founder Liz Bohannon encourages Jen’s listeners to have the courage to dream SMALL.
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  • (00:00:00) - Everyone thinks Jen’s Advent calendars look phallic and it’s killing her

  • (00:17:39) - St. Nicholas doesn’t come to the Fulwiler house because he can’t deal with the shoe situation

  • (00:25:38) - Jen defends the viral Peloton ad. Sort of.

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  • (00:00:00) - Snoop Dogg has the perfect words for Jen as she writes the acknowledgements for her next book

  • (00:16:11)- Jen shares the story of a certain friend of hers who accidentally shared nudity on Instagram stories. Also, Leticia Ochoa Adams talks about how to keep your faith when Christians hurt you.

  • (00:31:15) - Kathleen Jones, an actress with Cystic Fibrosis, talks about how to find your way when a dream ends.

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  • (00:00:00)- A lot of people told Jen that nobody wants standup comedy done by a minivan-driving woman from the suburbs. She shares her message to them.


  • (00:18:25) - Jen thinks Catholics have an obligation to eat bugs


  • (00:32:13) - Jen is still trying to get images of her “Pope Is Dope” shirt off of her website since people are so offended by it.
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  • 00:00:00)- Jen asks what YOU are going to do to help men not carry dogs in baby carriers


  • (00:12:15) - A guy created a mug wall for his girlfriend instead of shaming her for her love of mugs and this shows the beautiful things that can happen when we affirm people’s quirks


  • (00:37:20) - In a segment that generated a lot of hate mail, Jen gives her unique hot take Baby It’s Cold Outside
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