Jen Said What?!
  • (00:00:00) - Jen admit that the wheels are coming off of her life this week. She also plays audio of what prehistoric music sounded like…and turns it into a dance remix.


  • (00:22:22) - Jen is inspired by Kanye’s move into Christian music.


  • (00:45:07) - Kathryn Whitaker points out that you never know when God might be working in your life to prepare you for something big that’s coming.


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  • (00:00:00) - Jen talks about public figures being denied communion and points out that that would be very complicated for her because she has face blindness.


  • (00:21:46) - Captain Tammy Jo Schultz stops by the show to talk about how she landed the famous Southwest Airlines plane that had a window blow out, and what life lessons we can all learn from that.


  • (00:45:53) - Jen chats with Liz Bohannon, founder of the enormously popular brand Sseko that gives women in developing countries opportunities to thrive.
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  • (00:00:00) - A fan showed up at Jen’s AirBNB and Jen respects this level of research and dedication. Her friend and regular guest Courtney admits to driving by Donnie Wahlberg’s house


  • (00:16:57) - Musician Jonna Marie talks about how YOU can discover your blue flame.


  • (00:50:05) - Jen’s husband Joe stops by the show and they talk about how they discerned the big life changes they’ve made.
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