Jen Said What?!
  • (00:00:00) – Jen cleaned out her dirty car yesterday and found gift bags left over from the 2017 Edel Gathering that she and Hallie Lord hosted. She sent a picture of it to Hallie who replied with an audio file of her laughing hysterically. Jen talks about all the things she's good at and bad at and what does self-acceptance look like especially when brought to light by a friend.


  • (00:16:53) - Jen talks about how it changed her life to stop asking if she’ll fail and start asking how she can live a great story.


  • (00:24:32) - Jen has decided that it’s time to burn down Catholic Twitter.
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  • (00:00:00) - Jen defends the drunk stewardess who made the news


  • (00:20:10) - Jen points out that even John Steinbeck felt like he wasn’t good at what he did


  • (00:39:12)- Jen is failing at being a school mom. Liv Harrison has thoughts.
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  • (00:00:00) - Jen talks about her experience shopping at Forever 21, where you try on the XXXL dress and it fits you like sausage casing.


  • (00:19:40) - Jen cannot recognize people’s faces and this has led to so many awkward moments.


  • (00:38:46) - Jen gives listeners a content warning that nobody should listen to this segment before she starts in on 5 Minutes on 5 Takes.
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