Jen Said What?!
  • (00:00:00) Leticia Ochoa Adams asks Jen how she remains confident even in the face of disaster.


  • (00:36:53) Jen talks about how growing up Catholic shows in a lot of famous people as they talk about it and incorporate it into their acting, music etc


  • (00:52:36) Jen's tour comes up as "Naughty Corner" on the credit card bills.
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  • (00:00:00) - Jen explains what she means when she asks someone to take “a picture” of her. She also finds a great lesson in the continued fallout from the Fyre Festival.

  • (19:07:00) - The way a group of Broadway performers reacted to the NYC blackout is super inspiring to Jen.

  • (38:44:00) - Jen’s obsession with the Area 51 raid continues when she learns that a favorite rapper is getting in on it. She also talks about life lessons from improv.

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(00:00:00) - Jen delivers her “y’all don’t know what mermaids look like” take to people who have a problem with Halle Bailey playing Ariel. She also says “no one has ever heard of this Little Mermaid song” about the movie’s most popular song.

(00:18:50) - Five hot takes in five minutes!

(00:47:10) - Jen and Liv Harrison reveal their obsession with Lizzo, and listen to and talk about other music they’re into right now.

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(00:00:00) - Jen wants to start a vigilante justice gang to enforce fireworks restrictions. She also says it’s worse to have scorpions in your house than a dumb alligator.

(00:29:44) - Tyler Perry encourages people to keep fighting for their dreams and Jen is here for it.

(00:48:54) - The Dalai Lama says a female Dalai Lama would need to wear makeup. Jen tries to be serious as she discusses this subject.

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(00:00) Jen has found her new hero: The author who stalked a person who left a one-star review of her book.

 (21:01) - Jen’s 11-year-old daughter Lucy comes on to explain what modern slang terms mean. It is a lit interview that will snatch your wig and make you stan as you shout “YASSS QUEEN,” fam.

 (59:09) - Jen is a fan of Kim Kardashian’s new shapewear line. Actually she’s a fan of all shapewear. She also applauds the mom of three who won American Ninja Warrior and talks about how this can inspire all of us to use our blue flames.

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