Jen Said What?!

This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show:

- Jen takes the kids to the nursing home and realizes that cupcakes are the worst invention in human history

- Joe signs the family up to do a tour of a golf course, and thinks it will be fine to take all six kids

- Jen reflects on how much the local preschool teachers SAVED HER LIFE (and thinks about how parents aren't meant to be all things to their kids)

...and more!

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This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show, Jen discusses:

- An article that says that open relationships aren't great

- Rights for parents of toddlers

- The study that shows that kids spend less time outside than prisoners

- The selfie statue in Sugar Land, TX

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This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show:

- How random travel is helps us learn to let go of our desire to be in control

- Miley Cyrus on Jimmy Fallon promoting Planned Parenthood

- Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan give commencement speech at Catholic University of America

- Raymond Arroyo talks about his new Mother Angelica book

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