Jen Said What?!

This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler show: 

- Jen sprains her wrist in a punching accident and realizes all the things she can't do now

- Jen recalls the time she encountered an atheist who was trying to enter the Church (but still an atheist) 

- Pope Francis is on Instagram!

- Jen has a fascinating discussion with Adam Anders, producer for Glee and the Passion Live

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This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show:

- Jen conducts one of her all-time favorite interviews when she chats with a rap battle artist who is also a devout Christian (don't miss his advice about finding your courage in overwhelming situations!)

- She shares her latest failures at the new kickboxing gym

- She relates Mother Teresa's advice to the media coverage of Trump

- She (VERY RELUCTANTLY) shares an insight about why Catholics believe that masturbation is not a good thing to do

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This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show:

- Jen has a powerful, deeply personal interview with Marcus Grodi. (You don't want to miss this! The interview starts about 30 min into the podcast.)

- Jen gives you her Daylight Saving Time survival kit, complete with a tranquilizer gun like park rangers use for rogue animals

- Jen discusses National Women's Day in the Vatican and shares her thoughts on gender in the Church

- Jen connects the Peyton Manning retirement story to the claims of gender inequality within the Church

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It's Hallie filling in for Jen this week on the show!

- Hallie discusses women being forced to breastfeed in the bathroom at the Oscars

Father Damian Ference joins the show with unique songs for a great Lenten playlist

- Hallie plays clip of makeup artist teaching you how to contour your neck for better photos and shares her strong feelings on the subject

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- Jen rants about a recent article about the morality of breastfeeding...and is surprised when the author, Dr. Greg Popcak, calls into the show!

- Jen talks about why Full House fueled her atheism

- Jen has a fascinating conversation with astrophysicist-turned-nutritionist Paul Jaminet about the surprising physical benefits of fasting 

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