Jen Said What?!

This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler show:

- Jen and Lino Rulli watch a potty training video together - and it's even more of a disaster than you'd imagine it would be

- Are you ready for a baby? vs. Are you ready to have sex?

- Jen shares her strong thoughts on children and weddings

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Jen discusses

- Instagram women and the behind the scenes husbands

- Spiritual warfare when trying to better yourself

- Empire's Shakespearean themes and the use of motherhood as power

- Alan Rickman's death and role in Galaxy Quest

- Jen's bio criticism and true feminism

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This week Jen talks:

- Why Fubies seem evil 

- Why a woman who trolled a grammar snob is her hero (complete with Wind Beneath My Wings playing in the background)

- Why a scene from Mozart in the jungle reminds her of the Catholic Church

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This week Jen talks about:

- Why "homechurch" doesn't take it far enough (she wants "bedchurch")

- Her new patron saint for the year, chosen at random (it was a surprising choice!)

- How making her bed in the morning changed her life

And she has a great chat with Gary Jansen, author of The 15 Minute Prayer Solution.

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