Jen Said What?!

Here's what's up this week!

- Jen admits she loves and is binge watching the show Empire. However, the moral landscape of the show gives her a greater appreciation of her Catholicism.

- Hear her kids sing happy birthday to Pope Francis

- The maker of Minecraft hasn't been fully happy - and Jen isn't surprised

- Trump - why he's popular at this point in history.

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- Bentley comes out with a new SUV, but here's what Jen would really want in a luxury SUV

- Being who you are meant to be allows you to be an inspiration to those around you

- Jen and Hallie Lord drink champagne and go shopping for Christmas gifts 

- Also, Jen and Hallie give you The Broke Catholic's Guide to Gift Giving

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Listen as Jen talks ...

- About hiring a freelancer to sort through her pictures

- Random acts of violence and God with Rosario Rodriguez 

- St. Nicholas's Day or "Punch a Heretic Day" 

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