Jen Said What?!

This week Jen covers...

- Breaking Bad goes to the Smithsonian

- Leticia Adams talks about how to drive your kids away from the Church

- Moschino Barbie commercial and whether or not gender preferences are real

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This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show:

- Jen's thoughts on the new movie "Spotlight" and the facts on sexual abuse in the Church

- How trying to get kids to go bed is reason enough for traditional values (along with audio of a typical Fulwiler House bedtime)

- Donald Trump's appearance on SNL

- The man inspired to the priesthood by Jen's blog - for a hilarious reason

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This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show...

- Jen lets you listen in as she takes her youngest two shopping

- Here Cosmo's advice for women picking up men in bars... And Jen's take on it

- Kitchen Table Interview with Michael and Michelle Mette

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This week Jen covers topics such as...

- Why Daylight Saving Time is killing her

- A chat with Haley Stewart about how she (Haley, not Jen!) left her urban life to live on a "flush-free" farm

- Why motherhood is not a job but a relationship

- What a real education looks like

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