Jen Said What?!

Highlights from this week include:

- Shoe shopping with Jen as she attempts to find size 11 shoes for NYC

- Interview with Fr. John Devaney and his life in the Dominican order

- An insightful report from political correspondent Pamela Fulwiler, daughter of Jen, regarding the Republican debate

- The mic drop response of Carly Fiorina

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This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show, Jen...

- Explains why Bachelor parties have no place in a sacrifice-free culture

- Reads Little Red Riding Hood in gender-neutral language

- Compares owning a Flying Spaghetti Monster bumper sticker with walking around with your fly unzipped

- Interviews the author of the book that she considers to be our generation's Seven Storey Mountain: "Drunks and Monks" by John Carmichael

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Listen to segments from Jen's first full week of daily shows! Highlights include:

   -- Audio of what it would be like if Pope Francis were the voice of Waze

   -- Why we need McMansions

   -- An ad for the car the Pope *really* needs when he comes to the U.S.

   -- A chat with Raymond Arroyo 

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For Jen's last hour-long show before the Jennifer Fulwiler Show goes daily, she's joined by Lino Rulli, the channel's afternoon drive-time host. Jen gives Lino training in understanding "woman-speak," then Lino helps Jen get ready for her new daily show by putting her through a radio training course. Lino pretends to be a half-asleep guest and a ranting caller, and Jen dies laughing when she encounters real technical problems in the midst of it.

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