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Jen's guest Leticia Ochoa Adams talks about her conversion from fighting and gangs to Catholicism. After revealing their mutual love of rap music, they look at the rise in popularity of rap and the movie Straight Outta Compton with middle/upper-class young adults. They then discuss the longing of the human heart and the need for intimacy as seen in shows such as Breaking Bad and The Kardashians.

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John and Kathy Tucker talk with Jen about their fascinating story of how they ended up in Cambodia helping HIV+ orphans. Jen discusses the spiritual journey that lead them to creating their organization, New Hope for Cambodian Children, along with all the work they do to provide the best outcomes for these children. She asks them for advice about how each one of us can be more courages when God calls us to do big things in our own lives.

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After Ronda Rousey's impressive performance to win the UFC 190, Jen discusses with callers whether this glorification of women cage fighting is in line with the Catholic view of femininity. Jen argues that women's bodies are created differently and, therefore, deserve a higher level of respect and protection - but some callers disagree.

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