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Jen discusses the recent archaeological find that suggest there may have been secret Catholics at the Jamestown settlement. She then looks at how technology has changed the way children experience summer vacation. Although kids may be spending less time outside, she argues that electronics shouldn't be making parents feel guilty. Rather, we should appreciate the technological advances that make it easier to go to new places and have new experiences as a family.

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Jen comments on the viral video by Always meant to knockdown stereotypes of women. She points out the inconsistencies in the culture’s views and expectations of women and men. Jen finishes by offering a better solution to supporting and advancing girls in society.

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In the opening segment of her show, Jen describes the amazing weekend she had at the 2015 Edel Gathering, a Catholic women's conference that she hosts. She also plays a clip of Kelly Mantoan, homeschooling mom of 5, rapping during the karaoke party. Jen then gives her take on the probe to Pluto carrying the ashes of the once-plant's discoverer, Clyde Tombaugh. She argues that this symbolic act shows a subconscious understanding of the sacredness of the person.

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Jennifer Fulwiler has a powerful interview with Patrick Madrid in which they discuss the difficulties of sharing the Catholic viewpoint on gay marriage amidst rampant confusion in the culture. Patrick makes thought-provoking points about the real cause of the cultural confusion, and points to the rise of an era of hedonism. 

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In the opening segment of her show, Jen discusses the Kardashian designer baby. She also reveals that the Pope was inspired by One Direction to create a fragrance, and plays an ad for his new cologne: Eau de Sheep.

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