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Doug Johnson, husband of author and speaker Abby Johnson, joins Jennifer in-studio (in this case, the studio being her 10-year-old son's bedroom). They talk about Doug's decision to become a stay-at-home dad, and the moment he found out on Facebook that his wife wanted to adopt a baby when they already had four children, three of them under age three. Doug also lays out his and Abby's dream to sustain their family by owning land and growing their own food, and Jen declares that she'll just have to die if the global economy ever collapses. 

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In the opening segment to her show, Jen discusses a Washington Post article titled "I have a dad bod. Here's why women love it." Jen offers her own suggestion of why women might be more attracted to men carrying a few extra pounds, and draws a connection to women's modesty, somehow advocating for burkas and estrogen pills for men in the process. 

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Jen reacts to a news article about clubs for children as young as age five who are supposedly transsexual. She talks about the inconsistencies in the secular worldview on these issues, and suggests that the Catholic Church is a surprising ally for people who struggle with transgenderism. Before the segment ends, she also talks about a disaster with her daughter's First Communion meeting.

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Popular author and blogger Simcha Fisher joins Jen to talk about Catholicism, motherhood, family planning, and life. Jen and Simcha laugh through the whole interview as they wonder aloud how they ended up with so many kids (Jen with six, Simcha with ten), and analogize converting to Catholicism to entering a tardis on Dr. Who. Simcha's raw honesty and brilliant insights make it a must-hear discussion!

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