Jen Said What?!

Here's what's up this week!

- Jen admits she loves and is binge watching the show Empire. However, the moral landscape of the show gives her a greater appreciation of her Catholicism.

- Hear her kids sing happy birthday to Pope Francis

- The maker of Minecraft hasn't been fully happy - and Jen isn't surprised

- Trump - why he's popular at this point in history.

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- Bentley comes out with a new SUV, but here's what Jen would really want in a luxury SUV

- Being who you are meant to be allows you to be an inspiration to those around you

- Jen and Hallie Lord drink champagne and go shopping for Christmas gifts 

- Also, Jen and Hallie give you The Broke Catholic's Guide to Gift Giving

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Listen as Jen talks ...

- About hiring a freelancer to sort through her pictures

- Random acts of violence and God with Rosario Rodriguez 

- St. Nicholas's Day or "Punch a Heretic Day" 

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This week Jen covers...

- Breaking Bad goes to the Smithsonian

- Leticia Adams talks about how to drive your kids away from the Church

- Moschino Barbie commercial and whether or not gender preferences are real

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This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show:

- Jen's thoughts on the new movie "Spotlight" and the facts on sexual abuse in the Church

- How trying to get kids to go bed is reason enough for traditional values (along with audio of a typical Fulwiler House bedtime)

- Donald Trump's appearance on SNL

- The man inspired to the priesthood by Jen's blog - for a hilarious reason

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This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show...

- Jen lets you listen in as she takes her youngest two shopping

- Here Cosmo's advice for women picking up men in bars... And Jen's take on it

- Kitchen Table Interview with Michael and Michelle Mette

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This week Jen covers topics such as...

- Why Daylight Saving Time is killing her

- A chat with Haley Stewart about how she (Haley, not Jen!) left her urban life to live on a "flush-free" farm

- Why motherhood is not a job but a relationship

- What a real education looks like

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This week Jen discusses

- Why she's not worried about the warning that people are putting marijuana in Halloween candy

- What it sounded like when she decorated for Halloween with the six kids

- The great speeches of history, translated to "woman in a meeting" speak

- Examples of how being Catholic has surrounded her with life and community


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Highlights from the week's shows include: 

-#GirlStrong and how Secular Feminism gets it wrong

- Fat pets using FitBit

-"Getting Sloshed while Getting Swol" and why we are too busy as a culture

- Why Playboy rejecting nudity is a sad turn of events


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In this podcast, Jen...

-Rates Hallie Lord's advice for how to add spice to her marriage

-Discusses the implications behind the story of the young woman who intentionally blinded herself with the help of a doctor

-Shares her agony about her recent homeschool apocalypse and what it says about the problems with modern education

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The latest clips from The Jennifer Fulwiler Show:

- Halloween costumes and her daughters' dream outfits

- The need for modesty to promote community among women

- Leticia Adams and the Catholic Guide for Surviving Jail

- Father John Devaney discusses the "Pope Francis Effect"

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Highlights from this week include:

- Shoe shopping with Jen as she attempts to find size 11 shoes for NYC

- Interview with Fr. John Devaney and his life in the Dominican order

- An insightful report from political correspondent Pamela Fulwiler, daughter of Jen, regarding the Republican debate

- The mic drop response of Carly Fiorina

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This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show, Jen...

- Explains why Bachelor parties have no place in a sacrifice-free culture

- Reads Little Red Riding Hood in gender-neutral language

- Compares owning a Flying Spaghetti Monster bumper sticker with walking around with your fly unzipped

- Interviews the author of the book that she considers to be our generation's Seven Storey Mountain: "Drunks and Monks" by John Carmichael

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Listen to segments from Jen's first full week of daily shows! Highlights include:

   -- Audio of what it would be like if Pope Francis were the voice of Waze

   -- Why we need McMansions

   -- An ad for the car the Pope *really* needs when he comes to the U.S.

   -- A chat with Raymond Arroyo 

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For Jen's last hour-long show before the Jennifer Fulwiler Show goes daily, she's joined by Lino Rulli, the channel's afternoon drive-time host. Jen gives Lino training in understanding "woman-speak," then Lino helps Jen get ready for her new daily show by putting her through a radio training course. Lino pretends to be a half-asleep guest and a ranting caller, and Jen dies laughing when she encounters real technical problems in the midst of it.

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Jen's guest Leticia Ochoa Adams talks about her conversion from fighting and gangs to Catholicism. After revealing their mutual love of rap music, they look at the rise in popularity of rap and the movie Straight Outta Compton with middle/upper-class young adults. They then discuss the longing of the human heart and the need for intimacy as seen in shows such as Breaking Bad and The Kardashians.

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John and Kathy Tucker talk with Jen about their fascinating story of how they ended up in Cambodia helping HIV+ orphans. Jen discusses the spiritual journey that lead them to creating their organization, New Hope for Cambodian Children, along with all the work they do to provide the best outcomes for these children. She asks them for advice about how each one of us can be more courages when God calls us to do big things in our own lives.

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After Ronda Rousey's impressive performance to win the UFC 190, Jen discusses with callers whether this glorification of women cage fighting is in line with the Catholic view of femininity. Jen argues that women's bodies are created differently and, therefore, deserve a higher level of respect and protection - but some callers disagree.

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Jen discusses the recent archaeological find that suggest there may have been secret Catholics at the Jamestown settlement. She then looks at how technology has changed the way children experience summer vacation. Although kids may be spending less time outside, she argues that electronics shouldn't be making parents feel guilty. Rather, we should appreciate the technological advances that make it easier to go to new places and have new experiences as a family.

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Jen comments on the viral video by Always meant to knockdown stereotypes of women. She points out the inconsistencies in the culture’s views and expectations of women and men. Jen finishes by offering a better solution to supporting and advancing girls in society.

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In the opening segment of her show, Jen describes the amazing weekend she had at the 2015 Edel Gathering, a Catholic women's conference that she hosts. She also plays a clip of Kelly Mantoan, homeschooling mom of 5, rapping during the karaoke party. Jen then gives her take on the probe to Pluto carrying the ashes of the once-plant's discoverer, Clyde Tombaugh. She argues that this symbolic act shows a subconscious understanding of the sacredness of the person.

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Jennifer Fulwiler has a powerful interview with Patrick Madrid in which they discuss the difficulties of sharing the Catholic viewpoint on gay marriage amidst rampant confusion in the culture. Patrick makes thought-provoking points about the real cause of the cultural confusion, and points to the rise of an era of hedonism. 

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In the opening segment of her show, Jen discusses the Kardashian designer baby. She also reveals that the Pope was inspired by One Direction to create a fragrance, and plays an ad for his new cologne: Eau de Sheep.

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Jeannie Gaffigan returns to the Jennifer Fulwiler Show for another candid interview. Jeannie shares moving personal stories about the challenges the Gaffigan family faced just as Jim's career was taking off, and the moment that they looked at one another and said, "We can't do this." As inspiring as it is insightful, this is a must-hear chat.

And be sure to check out the Jim Gaffigan Show, which premiers this summer on TVLand! More info at

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In the opening segment of her radio show, Jen shares audio from an ill-fated trip trip to the grocery store with her kids. Pope Francis recently mentioned the Canticle of the Sun, which praises Brother Sun and Sister Moon, and Jen takes the opportunity to share her disdain for Sister Downpour and Brother Hail. She also plays a humorous Father's Day movie trailer, and talks about putting a woman on the $10 bill.

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In the opening segment of the Jennifer Fulwiler Show, Jen talks about her epic back yard renovation project that makes her feel like a pharaoh building a pyramid. She then discusses the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner situation. Playing clips from the media response to Bruce Jenner's transformation, she points out inconsistencies in the popular response to this subject, analogizing it to getting a tattoo of One Direction.

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Tsh Oxenreider joins Jen in-studio to talk about her year-long trip around the world with her husband and three young children where they visited almost 30 countries. Tsh, an author and the founder of, shares amazing stories from her global adventures, and talks about how real families can do things like this in their own lives.

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Doug Johnson, husband of author and speaker Abby Johnson, joins Jennifer in-studio (in this case, the studio being her 10-year-old son's bedroom). They talk about Doug's decision to become a stay-at-home dad, and the moment he found out on Facebook that his wife wanted to adopt a baby when they already had four children, three of them under age three. Doug also lays out his and Abby's dream to sustain their family by owning land and growing their own food, and Jen declares that she'll just have to die if the global economy ever collapses. 

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In the opening segment to her show, Jen discusses a Washington Post article titled "I have a dad bod. Here's why women love it." Jen offers her own suggestion of why women might be more attracted to men carrying a few extra pounds, and draws a connection to women's modesty, somehow advocating for burkas and estrogen pills for men in the process. 

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Jen reacts to a news article about clubs for children as young as age five who are supposedly transsexual. She talks about the inconsistencies in the secular worldview on these issues, and suggests that the Catholic Church is a surprising ally for people who struggle with transgenderism. Before the segment ends, she also talks about a disaster with her daughter's First Communion meeting.

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Popular author and blogger Simcha Fisher joins Jen to talk about Catholicism, motherhood, family planning, and life. Jen and Simcha laugh through the whole interview as they wonder aloud how they ended up with so many kids (Jen with six, Simcha with ten), and analogize converting to Catholicism to entering a tardis on Dr. Who. Simcha's raw honesty and brilliant insights make it a must-hear discussion!

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Jen hears about a horror movie where the characters will be killed if they get offline, and decides that that actually sounds like a great day to her. She and the Catholic Channel team create a trailer for a REAL horror movie called "20 Percent," about the terrifying scenario where a mother is going into the 5 PM witching hour and her phone battery dies. She expresses skepticism about the upcoming Full House revival (was Small Wonder even considered?!) and does the worst rendition of the Facts of Life theme in the history of the world.

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Jen talks with Kerry Weber about Pope Francis' call to live lives of mercy. What is the difference between mercy and love? How do you know when to push through challenges serving others, and when God is telling you that this isn't what he wants you to be doing? Kerry shares her insights from a 40-day experiment in which she attempted to incorporate the Corporal Works of Mercy into her life in concrete ways. 

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To kick off the Easter season, Jen has a lively conversation with biblical scholar Dr. Brant Pitre about the Resurrection of Christ. Why do Christians believe this happened? What historical evidence is there for this event? How can we make the case to people who don't share our beliefs? Dr. Pitre shares his insights.

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Author Vinny Flynn shares his sense of awe at the gift of the Eucharist. Jennifer asks him why God doesn't make Communion a more viscerally spectacular experience if he wants us to appreciate it, and Vinny's answer offers profound insights about the mystery of faith.

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Kathryn Whitaker walks Jen through an Easter craft, and describes how these sorts of details can show friends and family members that you care. While trying not to get burned by the glue gun, they talk about making your home beautiful while letting go of perfectionism. 

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Marie Miller is in Austin for SXSW, and she joins Jennifer Fulwiler for a fun conversation about keeping your faith in a secular environment and the craziness that often comes with family life (Marie is one of 10 children).

Jen asked listeners on Facebook to describe their worst Mass experience with children in 10 words or fewer, and Jen and Marie use those responses as lyrics for a song about disastrous church experiences! They sing the song on the air at the end of the segment, complete with a baby rattle as a tambourine.

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Jen is determined to assemble a new desk by herself, and in the process gains some insights about the roles of men and women in the Church. She also buys a Selfie Stick and takes a lot of heat for it on Twitter.

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Jen talks with author Sarah Vabulas, a.k.a. Catholic Drinkie, about how we can use our enjoyment of a good drink to share the faith and build up our communities. Sarah also creates a new drink just for listeners of the Jennifer Fulwiler Show, and Jen tries it on the air. 

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Author, speaker, and activist Abby Johnson stops by Jen's studio for an in-person interview. All of the questions Jen had prepared fly out the window when Abby surprises her with a big announcement. Jen asks Abby how she finds peace with this surprising new turn of events in her life, especially since she already has a busy speaking career and four young children (three of them under three), and Abby gives Jen advice about placing complete trust in God.

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks with Dr. Bill Thierfelder about how trying to achieve excellence with your field can be an opportunity to grow in virtue. As a college president, former Olympic athlete, man of faith, and father of 10, Dr. Thierfelder offers fresh, fascinating insights about how to combine a desire for peak performance with a desire for holiness.

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Jennifer Fulwiler and Hallie Lord laugh and joke around as they discuss their different ideas of what a romantic evening with their spouses would look like. Hallie offers unique insights about how even the most overwhelmed couples can fan the flames of their romance, even if they have young children or are on a tight budget. After hearing this interview, you'll be ready to plan a fabulous date night to rekindle the spark in your marriage.

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More of the most popular segments from Jennifer Fulwiler's special week of two-hour daily shows, including:

- Jen calls a priest to ask about her plans to get a house that is not currently for sale by staging a fake haunting.


- Jen explains why she thinks rap and Gregorian chant are similar genres of music, and why she loves both.

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Three of the most popular segments from Jennifer Fulwiler's week of daily two-hour radio shows, which includes:

- Jen's explanation of why she's a Left Shark.

- Jen's response to Pope Francis' comment that the internet is a blessing, including playing Youtube clips of The Peanut Butter Jelly Song and an apple saying "whazzuuuup."

- Exclusive footage of Pope Francis on Google Hangouts.


- Advertisements for the five apps that Catholics *really* need.

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When we hear the first commandment -- "thou shalt not have strange gods before Me" -- many of us feel like we're okay on that one. We don't acknowledge deities other than Christ, so we're fine, right? Elizabeth Scalia points out that most of us violate this commandment all the time without even realizing it. She and Jennifer talk about the surprising things we can turn into gods that we value above all else, and Elizabeth shares some very unique advice for casting the idols out of your own life.

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks to Heather Gardner while Heather is at the March for Life in Washington, DC. With the crowd noises of 500,000 joyful marchers in the background, Heather discusses her experience reaching out to women at abortion clinics. She also tells amazing stories of abortion clinic workers leaving their jobs and joining the pro-life movement, and offers tips for talking to pro-choice friends and family members about the pro-life cause.

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Jennifer Fulwiler has a lively discussion with author Emily Stimpson about the Catholic understanding of food. Emily shares fascinating insights about how we should see food as a sign of God's love, beginning with the sign of the Eucharist, and how secular culture has become obsessed with "food porn." Emily opens up about her battle with anorexia, and she and Jen talk about how developing a Catholic understanding of food and the human body helped them both accept themselves as women.

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks with West Coast Walk for Life co-founder and Ignatius Press marketing manager Eva Muntean, who shares her insights about going where God calls you, even when it's scary. Eva also tells the riveting story of her family's escape from Communist Hungary, during which her parents had to hide Eva and her siblings in the trunk of a car in order to get across the border. It's a fascinating discussion you won't want to miss!

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