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Jennifer Fulwiler talks to Sister Theresa Noble, a former atheist who is now a nun. Their discussion about how to talk to nonbelievers about faith takes a turn for the interesting when Sister Theresa points out that Catholics shouldn't be afraid of doubt. She opens up about how she's a "natural doubter," and offers tips for other believers who occasionally wonder if God even exists at all.

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks with Jeannie Gaffigan about her life as a producer, mother to five children, and wife to comedian Jim Gaffigan. Jeannie is both funny and insightful as she shares behind-the-scenes stories from the Gaffigan family's life on the road, as well as tips for how busy parents can tap into their creative energy during parenthood.

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Jennifer Fulwiler expresses shock at how many "pro woman" organizations in the secular world know so little about women's bodies. Then she talks about the need she sees for Catholic women to get together simply to have fun (as she plays a clip of a homeschooling mother rapping to Flo Rida).

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