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Jennifer Fulwiler talks with author and former punk rock lead singer Dan Lord. He discusses undergoing "deliverance," a special type of prayer to combat spiritual attack. He and Jennifer acknowledge that it sounds crazy to modern ears to talk about these kinds of things, and go into why it's important for every Christian to understand the reality of spiritual warfare.

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks with musician Marie Miller about the pressures that come with being a Christian woman in the modern world. Jennifer ends up sobbing laughing when Marie creates a song where the lyrics are comprised entirely of actual texts sent between Jennifer and her husband. You won't want to miss The Shoe Song at the end of this episode!

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Jennifer is in Catholic nerd heaven when she has the opportunity to talk with Vatican astronomer Br. Guy Consolmagno, who recently won the Carl Sagan Medal in astronomy. She asks him how his fellow scientists react to him when they find out that he's a religious brother, and he discusses why his faith makes him a better scientist. This is a must-hear podcast for anyone who has ever wondered if science and Christian faith are incompatible.

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks with Dr. Taylor Marshall, founder of the New St. Thomas Institute, about the exciting new options in education that online technology has introduced.

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