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As part of her special Christmas episode, Jennifer Fulwiler talks with Beverly D'Angelo, star of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. They had been planning to talk about the classic Christmas movie, but their conversation turned into an unexpected -- and fascinating -- discussion about marriage, the struggles of modern parenthood, and how motherhood changes everything.

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In this must-hear interview, Jennifer Fulwiler has a fun, informal interview with Dr. Scott Hahn where they both speak candidly about struggles with their own faith lives, as well as with the difficulties of inspiring children in their own spiritual journeys. Jennifer asks how we can regain a sense of awe and joy when we ponder the mysteries of the Gospel, and Dr. Hahn responds with powerful, fascinating insights. 

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In the opening segment of the show, Jennifer realizes how much she's failing at Advent when she interviews her three-year-old daughter about what we celebrate on Christmas day. She then shares her joy at doing Christmas cards, and talks about why they're still relevant in the age of Facebook.

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks with author and blogger Kendra Tierney about her decision not to give her children toys this Christmas. The discussion veers into a fascinating look at the Tierney family's philosophy, in which Kendra details the steps they take to build a strong family culture that reflects their values. Jennifer and Kendra talk about how others can do the same -- starting with questioning all the "have to's" that surround us, especially around the holidays. 

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Jennifer has her friend Rachael Escandon on the show to talk about a group she started called the Dinner Club for Underachievers. This fun, informal dinner club has been a powerful force in uniting families and fostering a sense community in their area. They talk about how Rachael got it started, as well as how others can start similar clubs in their own cities.

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks to Sister Theresa Noble, a former atheist who is now a nun. Their discussion about how to talk to nonbelievers about faith takes a turn for the interesting when Sister Theresa points out that Catholics shouldn't be afraid of doubt. She opens up about how she's a "natural doubter," and offers tips for other believers who occasionally wonder if God even exists at all.

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks with Jeannie Gaffigan about her life as a producer, mother to five children, and wife to comedian Jim Gaffigan. Jeannie is both funny and insightful as she shares behind-the-scenes stories from the Gaffigan family's life on the road, as well as tips for how busy parents can tap into their creative energy during parenthood.

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Jennifer Fulwiler expresses shock at how many "pro woman" organizations in the secular world know so little about women's bodies. Then she talks about the need she sees for Catholic women to get together simply to have fun (as she plays a clip of a homeschooling mother rapping to Flo Rida).

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks with author and former punk rock lead singer Dan Lord. He discusses undergoing "deliverance," a special type of prayer to combat spiritual attack. He and Jennifer acknowledge that it sounds crazy to modern ears to talk about these kinds of things, and go into why it's important for every Christian to understand the reality of spiritual warfare.

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks with musician Marie Miller about the pressures that come with being a Christian woman in the modern world. Jennifer ends up sobbing laughing when Marie creates a song where the lyrics are comprised entirely of actual texts sent between Jennifer and her husband. You won't want to miss The Shoe Song at the end of this episode!

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Jennifer is in Catholic nerd heaven when she has the opportunity to talk with Vatican astronomer Br. Guy Consolmagno, who recently won the Carl Sagan Medal in astronomy. She asks him how his fellow scientists react to him when they find out that he's a religious brother, and he discusses why his faith makes him a better scientist. This is a must-hear podcast for anyone who has ever wondered if science and Christian faith are incompatible.

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks with Dr. Taylor Marshall, founder of the New St. Thomas Institute, about the exciting new options in education that online technology has introduced.

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Jennifer Fulwiler interviews Lisa-Jo Baker, author of Surprised By Motherhood, about the challenges she's faced as a mother. Lisa-Jo Baker was an attorney who never wanted children, and she and Jennifer talk about having fun in parenthood when you never thought you'd be a parent.

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Jennifer Fulwiler chats with Brandon Vogt, content Director for Fr. Robert Barron's Word on Fire Ministries, about how to reach out to friends or loved ones who don't believe in God. Brandon speaks with humor and compassion, and draws upon his experience dialoguing with hundreds of atheists, to talk about what works - and what doesn't - when it comes to explaining faith to nonbelievers.

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Karen Hughes Shares Personal Stories from 9/11

On the 13th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Jennifer Fulwiler has Karen Hughes on the show. Hughes was an advisor to President Bush at the time of the attacks, and she opens up with moving personal stories about what it was like to be inside the White House - and then give one of the first press conferences - on that day.

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