The Jennifer Fulwiler Show (general)

This week Jen covers topics such as...

- Why Daylight Saving Time is killing her

- A chat with Haley Stewart about how she (Haley, not Jen!) left her urban life to live on a "flush-free" farm

- Why motherhood is not a job but a relationship

- What a real education looks like

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This week Jen discusses

- Why she's not worried about the warning that people are putting marijuana in Halloween candy

- What it sounded like when she decorated for Halloween with the six kids

- The great speeches of history, translated to "woman in a meeting" speak

- Examples of how being Catholic has surrounded her with life and community


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Highlights from the week's shows include: 

-#GirlStrong and how Secular Feminism gets it wrong

- Fat pets using FitBit

-"Getting Sloshed while Getting Swol" and why we are too busy as a culture

- Why Playboy rejecting nudity is a sad turn of events


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In this podcast, Jen...

-Rates Hallie Lord's advice for how to add spice to her marriage

-Discusses the implications behind the story of the young woman who intentionally blinded herself with the help of a doctor

-Shares her agony about her recent homeschool apocalypse and what it says about the problems with modern education

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The latest clips from The Jennifer Fulwiler Show:

- Halloween costumes and her daughters' dream outfits

- The need for modesty to promote community among women

- Leticia Adams and the Catholic Guide for Surviving Jail

- Father John Devaney discusses the "Pope Francis Effect"

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Highlights from this week include:

- Shoe shopping with Jen as she attempts to find size 11 shoes for NYC

- Interview with Fr. John Devaney and his life in the Dominican order

- An insightful report from political correspondent Pamela Fulwiler, daughter of Jen, regarding the Republican debate

- The mic drop response of Carly Fiorina

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This week on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show, Jen...

- Explains why Bachelor parties have no place in a sacrifice-free culture

- Reads Little Red Riding Hood in gender-neutral language

- Compares owning a Flying Spaghetti Monster bumper sticker with walking around with your fly unzipped

- Interviews the author of the book that she considers to be our generation's Seven Storey Mountain: "Drunks and Monks" by John Carmichael

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Listen to segments from Jen's first full week of daily shows! Highlights include:

   -- Audio of what it would be like if Pope Francis were the voice of Waze

   -- Why we need McMansions

   -- An ad for the car the Pope *really* needs when he comes to the U.S.

   -- A chat with Raymond Arroyo 

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For Jen's last hour-long show before the Jennifer Fulwiler Show goes daily, she's joined by Lino Rulli, the channel's afternoon drive-time host. Jen gives Lino training in understanding "woman-speak," then Lino helps Jen get ready for her new daily show by putting her through a radio training course. Lino pretends to be a half-asleep guest and a ranting caller, and Jen dies laughing when she encounters real technical problems in the midst of it.

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Jen's guest Leticia Ochoa Adams talks about her conversion from fighting and gangs to Catholicism. After revealing their mutual love of rap music, they look at the rise in popularity of rap and the movie Straight Outta Compton with middle/upper-class young adults. They then discuss the longing of the human heart and the need for intimacy as seen in shows such as Breaking Bad and The Kardashians.

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