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Jen hears about a horror movie where the characters will be killed if they get offline, and decides that that actually sounds like a great day to her. She and the Catholic Channel team create a trailer for a REAL horror movie called "20 Percent," about the terrifying scenario where a mother is going into the 5 PM witching hour and her phone battery dies. She expresses skepticism about the upcoming Full House revival (was Small Wonder even considered?!) and does the worst rendition of the Facts of Life theme in the history of the world.

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Jen talks with Kerry Weber about Pope Francis' call to live lives of mercy. What is the difference between mercy and love? How do you know when to push through challenges serving others, and when God is telling you that this isn't what he wants you to be doing? Kerry shares her insights from a 40-day experiment in which she attempted to incorporate the Corporal Works of Mercy into her life in concrete ways. 

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To kick off the Easter season, Jen has a lively conversation with biblical scholar Dr. Brant Pitre about the Resurrection of Christ. Why do Christians believe this happened? What historical evidence is there for this event? How can we make the case to people who don't share our beliefs? Dr. Pitre shares his insights.

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Author Vinny Flynn shares his sense of awe at the gift of the Eucharist. Jennifer asks him why God doesn't make Communion a more viscerally spectacular experience if he wants us to appreciate it, and Vinny's answer offers profound insights about the mystery of faith.

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Kathryn Whitaker walks Jen through an Easter craft, and describes how these sorts of details can show friends and family members that you care. While trying not to get burned by the glue gun, they talk about making your home beautiful while letting go of perfectionism. 

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Marie Miller is in Austin for SXSW, and she joins Jennifer Fulwiler for a fun conversation about keeping your faith in a secular environment and the craziness that often comes with family life (Marie is one of 10 children).

Jen asked listeners on Facebook to describe their worst Mass experience with children in 10 words or fewer, and Jen and Marie use those responses as lyrics for a song about disastrous church experiences! They sing the song on the air at the end of the segment, complete with a baby rattle as a tambourine.

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Jen is determined to assemble a new desk by herself, and in the process gains some insights about the roles of men and women in the Church. She also buys a Selfie Stick and takes a lot of heat for it on Twitter.

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Jen talks with author Sarah Vabulas, a.k.a. Catholic Drinkie, about how we can use our enjoyment of a good drink to share the faith and build up our communities. Sarah also creates a new drink just for listeners of the Jennifer Fulwiler Show, and Jen tries it on the air. 

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Author, speaker, and activist Abby Johnson stops by Jen's studio for an in-person interview. All of the questions Jen had prepared fly out the window when Abby surprises her with a big announcement. Jen asks Abby how she finds peace with this surprising new turn of events in her life, especially since she already has a busy speaking career and four young children (three of them under three), and Abby gives Jen advice about placing complete trust in God.

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Jennifer Fulwiler talks with Dr. Bill Thierfelder about how trying to achieve excellence with your field can be an opportunity to grow in virtue. As a college president, former Olympic athlete, man of faith, and father of 10, Dr. Thierfelder offers fresh, fascinating insights about how to combine a desire for peak performance with a desire for holiness.

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